Language preference
Pneumatic polisher
POL 50
Polyester spray overall white / Polyester spray overall blue
Polyester spray overall with optional grey knee protection
Portal rotating panel stand
EQU 64
Pre-filter EU4
FIL 10-11
Premium cutter for masking film
PLA 52
Premium masking film – green 3.8m x 200m
MSF 03820
Premium mini sander with central vacuum
SAM 41
Premium pump for HCL 3000
HCL 3002
Premium+ masking film - paint adhesive & absorb.
MSF 34015-35012-36010
Premium+ masking film - paint adhesive 4m x 150m
MSF 24015
Pressure regulator for spray gun SPG 800 and 900
SPG 920
Quick change spindle for 50mm discs (Type R)
QCS 00
Racing spray overall
RSO 07-11
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