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The brand new Finixa training centre is fully equipped with the latest technology for the automotive aftermarket, including a spray booth. 
We organize courses and workshops for Finixa dealers and end users (body shops, etc.) as a forum to share know how and experience.
Customers from all over the world visit our training centre to get demonstrations on how to use Finixa products.
Of course, they also get the opportunity to do themselves what they have learnt.

How does it work?

Are you a distributor of Finixa products or do you use/want to use Finixa at your body shop?
Request a training via the form on this page.
Your Finixa representative will contact you to set a date for the training. Depending on the needs, a selection is made between one or more of our training modules.

Are you interested in becoming a Finixa distributor? Get your own training to get to know our products.
A strategical meeting can also be set up with our sales director.

We provide a wide range of documentation including comprehensive product information and detailed application recommendations. 
This gives our dealers and body shops the means to ensure that you work with our products in a safe manner while guaranteeing that you end up with a perfect result. 
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The information you give us will not be shared with any third party.

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