Meet our new UV Curing Lamp

Due to the ever-increasing demand from the car body repair market for products with shorter drying and curing times, the use of UV drying systems continues to increase. Especially with spot, smart and one-day repair, UV systems can no longer be ignored in the workshops. That is why Finixa introduces a quick and easy UV system for the professional user. The UV curing lamp is a state of the art cordless UV curing gun using extremely powerful LED’s in combination with the latest battery technology, an active cooling system, ultrasonic range finder function and timer. Offering very fast and highly efficient UV curing, easy handling and long operation times.

The Finixa UV curing lamp is a rechargeable UV curing light that utilizes the latest ultra-hi-flux UV-A LED technology to cure all common automotive and industrial ultraviolet curable products : putties, primers, clear coats, resins and adhesives. 

  • Super-fast curing times
  • Powerful irradiance with maximum UV-A intensity of 55 μW/cm² at 20cm
  • Successfully tested on UV paint products from all major paint manufacturers 
  • Only emits UV-A (395nm) and does not emit UV-B or UV-C
  • Active built-in cooling system keeps the lamp cooler in order to maintain optimum light output during extended use
  • Ultrasonic distance control
  • LCD control display 
  • Wall-mounted charging station provides a convenient recharging process and better organized workplace
Super-fast curing times

What's in the flightcase?

  • UV curing lamp
  • Wall mount Charging station
  • UV protection glasses
  • 15V1.5A Universal Charger
  • 3x  Universal Charger Adaptor
Light Source      High Power UV LED
LED Light Watt 66 Watts
LED Lifetime  40,000 Hours
LED Wavelength        λp= 395 ±5 nm
Battery Type                Li-ion 11.1V - 5200mAh, 57.72Wh
Battery Charging Time 3 Hours
Battery  Charging Info AC 100 - 240V~ 15V 1.5A
Running time  90 Minutes in Total (Max 10 minutes each use)
Light Weight 0.9 Kg (2 Lbs)
Light Size 159 x 223 x 77mm (6-1/4”x 8-3/4“x 3”)
Light Body Material Aluminium+Polyamide
Cooling system Passive thermal management system enhanced with fan
Storage  temperature -20°C ~ +50°C (-4°F ~ 122°F)

UV Curing lamp : a quick & easy UV system,
perfect for spot, smart and one-day repair! ▼

UV curing lamp - Instructions video ▼

Discover all our UV PRODUCTS

The automotive coatings manufacturers are continuously developing new, fast  and cost effective products to reduce the repair times. UV cured clearcoats, primers and body fillers are used to shorten the drying times especially for smart & spot repair. Finixa is offering the newest UV LED curing technology resulting in a “cold curing “ process were no heat is produced on the panel or the paint during the curing. Allowing for fast curing of plastic parts and heat sensitive materials and eliminating the need of cooldown times so the sanding and polishing can be done immediately after the curing is completed.
One-step UV Primer/Filler
TSP 1500
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