Green Paint System

A game changer

exclusively by Finixa
Inhouse development and design
Innovation is more than just a technical improvement.

Innovation is progress, the chance to do something better or do something that was previously said to be impossible.
Our new Finixa Paint system is certainly innovative in that respect.

The renewed system uses an ultra-thin PET liner.Using Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to produce the liners puts us a green step ahead as a company. This is enhanced by the fact that we use an incredible 40-50% less plastic to produce our new flexible inner cups compared to the average liner by our competitors on the market. Looking at a European market of a tremendous 150 million produced systems, this is a significant amount of plastic that we can prevent from being used.The combination of the step construction inside the outer cup ensures that the liner is perfectly positioned and sealed.Our highly compressible liner provides a very smooth experience during and after spraying.Today, the car industry is still seen as a very polluting sector. Step by step, we are trying to compensate or improve this where we can.To this end, we are bringing genuine ecological innovations, such as our renewed paint system.We use an incredible 50% less plastic to manufacture our new flexible inner liners compared to the average liner by our competitors on the market.
Besides using less plastic, we also take a look at the bigger picture :
As our PET-liner is a lot more flexible than its LDPE competitors, we can reduce our left-over paint waste with average 50cc, saving costs on the paint as well on the cost of the waste handling.

 Our PET-liner is so thin and flexible that we can preserve our optimal paint transfer efficiency of the latest LVLP spray guns and apply with a minimum of overspray any paint at 2 bar compressed air inlet at the spray gun.

 Less overspray is not only improving our paint consumption, but also less contamination of our paint-stop filters in our spray booth.

 All raw materials are sourced, and all parts are manufactured in a distance smaller than 100km from our Belgian HQ to reduce our ecologic footprint by limiting transportation.

 The outer cup is reusable which means less waste from the start.

 Waste material of our GPS system can be handled in the same way as you do with your traditional paint cups.

Together we are building a brighter tomorrow.
The renewed painting system uses an ultra-thin PET liner.

Did you know that PET ensures minimal friction with the paint, is more chemically resistant than LDPE and collapses a lot faster than LDPE? In this way, the unique PET liner not only leaves less paint residue in the liner and reduces the weight of plastic waste but also ensures you at all times a perfect colour match.

Take a look at the exploded view below and discover all of the parts of the Green Paint System.
Closing cap
• Store leftover paint easily

• Lightweight lid with integrated strainer

• Ultra thin PET-liner
•  Up to 50% thinner compared to traditional systems
•  Highly transparent for accurate mixing
•  Less friction resulting in better paint flow
• Easier/faster collapsing than LDPE results in faster paint release out of the liner

Reusable outer cup
• 10 different mixing ratios.
• Optimized height-width dimensions for more accurate measuring
Up to 50% less plastic in 5 steps!

We are very proud of our production process.
No losses are made in the production of our system.
We recycle and reuse the waste of the process and in this way, we save up to an incredible 50% plastic in the production process. 

When you use our Green Paint system, you can be sure that you have a sustainable product in your hands.
Besides being a sustainable product, it is an ingenious system that helps you go to the next level in your spraying experience!
The new paint system consists of 3 basic raw materials: PET,  PP (polypropylene) and virgin PP (polypropylene).

The PET is transformed into the PET-liner.
During this process, there is a lot of surplus plastic which we reuse to produce more R- PET.
30% of the plastic remains after punching the Pet-liner and this 30% will be fully recycled again. 
In addition, two types of polypropylene are used.
The recycled version is used to make our lids and the non-recycled version is used to make the solid outer cup.
The solid outer cup is developed for reuse.

These three components make up our ‘Green Paint System’.
Recycled raw materials and reusable materials make this system ecological and innovative, putting us several steps ahead of our competitors.

Thanks to the reusable outer cup, there is already one item that you do not need to throw away.
If the cup does need to be disposed of due to using, it goes into the recycled polypropylene process.
The PET liner and lid are supposed to be removed according to local regulations.

Not all recycling companies can reprocess these products into usable plastic.
For the plants that are not yet able to realize this process, there is an alternative solution: instead of burning the waste, they use it as fuel for baking processes (such as bricks).


By following the step-by-step guide below,
you will see how to assemble the Green Paint System in four simple steps.
• Place the flexible liner in the firm,
printed outer cup.

• Measure and mix your paint into
the cup system.

• Press and twist the lid onto the
outer cup, sealing the liner between
the outer cup and the lid.
• Select and install the proper adaptor 
fitting your gun.

• Push the spray gun with adapter
onto the system and secure it by
a quarter twist.

• Connect the air hose to the spray gun.

• Turn the spray gun upside down.

• Hold the trigger to release remaining
air until paint comes out.

• Turn the system upright.

• Regulate your air pressure and
you are ready to spray.
Thinking outside the box won’t cut it anymore.
That’s why we’re thinking about our boxes as well.
Not only are they made from sustainable cardboard that can be recycled up to 26 times,
but our water-based ink printing process means no harmful chemicals are used.
Available separately: 3x20p. (GPS 00
Closing caps for optimal storage.

If at the end of the use, your inner cup is not completely empty and you do not want to lose paint, you can simply close the inner cup with the optional closing cap.

This closing cap ensures that you can store the inner container until you need it again. The outer container can always be reused, as it does not come into contact with the paint.

Make the most of your workplace
and use our wall mount 
(WMG 00).
(Available separately)

You can easily place it on the back of the green paint system box
(perforations are provided)
so you can attach the box to the wall in no time at all.

Available separately: Reusable outer cup.
5x Outer cup 650ml for GPS system.

Finixa tv offers you a great range of information about our Green Paint System,
from how to properly use the system, storage, refilling, and many more explanatory videos.
We are also committed to constantly updating and adding to these videos throughout the year to help you even better.
Be sure to take a look at FINIXA TV
Last but not least.
We want to inform you about the adapters in our assortment that fit the GPS paint system.
We provide this range of adapters for you to make our spray system immediately accessible for your spray gun at home. 
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